The focus of the House of Doors is a large, free-standing sculpture that references architectural details from three sites of significance to suffrage:

  • University College London - which in 1878 became the first university in the UK to admit female students
  • The Houses of Parliament - which in 1918, after a long battle led by the Suffragettes, granted women the right to vote
  • White's Gentlemen's Club on St James' Street - one of the remaining institutions in the UK that continues to exclude all women

This sculpture extends to become an immersive installation, reworking public spaces into a private members' club. For more information please see the video here.

"The struggle between people and the spaces they are permitted to occupy gradually emerged as the focus of the project –who or what determines where and how we may be, and how our built environment is renegotiated as social values and policies change. The sculpture is at the very core of this, and it is this work that encapsulates everything within The Girl at The Door."